Ménages is a private club for people interested in socializing with

others who participate in the "lifestyle". Our membership is selective.

We don't advertise for new members, nor are we open to the public.

Ménages serves a limited community of thought, belief, and experience.

Membership is required for entry to the club. If you are interested in

becoming a member, you will need to visit with us during club hours.


On your first visit we will confirm that you meet our initial basic criteria.

You must be at least 21 years of age, sober, dressed in accordance with our

policies, have a sincere interest in the "lifestyle", and complete our

membership application. Once you have satisfied these requirements an introductory membership will be issued. You will also need to pay the

use fee for that night. Be sure to have a valid drivers license.


Once your paperwork is completed our club hostess will go over an orientation

with you and answer any questions you may have, after which you are free to

explore the club and socialize. You may just sit back and watch, or meet,

mix and mingle! There is no pressure to do anything. We have a secure and

respectful environment, and our members will not violate your space or

pressure you. Introduce yourself, relax and have fun!




Introductory---$25 per couple, single male or female.



One Week---$15 per couple, single male or female.

One Month---$30 per couple, single male or female.

Six Month---$65 per couple, single male or female.

One Year---$100 per couple, single male or female.



                            Thursday            Friday           Saturday         Weekend Pass

Couples                       $25                $50                $60                          $80

Single Male                 $30                $60                $80                          $120

Single Female             $5                  $10                $15                          $20


All above fees are as follows with the exception of special events

and/or special pricing promotions.










701 DREXEL STREET / NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE USA, 37203 / 615.742.3705